One-to-one Coaching and Group Sessions

From learning the basics to improving your football skills, our training sessions are designed for players of all abilities. All our sessions are planned and designed to help in the overall development of our players. 1-2-1 coaching is an extremely good way for a player to improve their game quickly. It enables them to work on a specific weakness in their game for a few sessions. With repetition and constant coaching vast improvements will be made.

Our private small group football training sessions are for small groups of children. The sessions are open to children aged between 5 – 14 years old. You choose the time and location and we design and deliver sessions to meet the needs and requirements of the group. Allowing children to feel at ease on the ball and promoting as many touches as possible can provide a strong base upon which they can develop their technique. More ball mastery, passing and receiving, 1v1 would be encouraged in small-sided games with small goals and playing areas.

Football Fitness Coaching

When it comes to children, encouraging them to be active rather than concentrating on fitness is much more important at this time, because when they are active and having fun, they will naturally be working and improving their fitness levels.Since a child’s body is still growing and evolving, the correct amount between physical activity and rest is critical for children. Most long-term injuries occur during childhood.


One-to-one Coaching and Group Sessions

If you just want to get back into the swing of things and regain your confidence, private football coaching is perfect. Many people who seek Adult Football Training do so because they participate in 5-a-side leagues and want to develop their skills. Working with a private football coach is perfect for honing specific strategies that can then be applied to in-game situations.

Along with the coaches, each player is given the opportunity to examine and analyse their own game. We’ll focus together on the areas that need to be improved. We have a structure for skills development that incorporates the full spectrum of core football techniques. By breaking these skills down into ten bite-sized training sessions, each session will focus on a different core skill while also offering exercises to practise them.

Football Fitness Coaching

Sports Fitness is a fun way to stay in shape while still improving your football skills. This could be a good choice for people or groups who want to try something different from gyms or who have trouble motivating themselves to exercise and participate in sports. Set an aim for yourself and let’s work together to achieve it. That can be as simple as releasing stress and anxiety, improving your sense of health, becoming more involved and feeling more energised.



1-2-1 football coaching can offer all players the ability to monitor their training session using motion sensing technology to track their progress over time; This can then provide a valuable source of information to adapt training and development of specific players according to their physical and tactical needs. In the group sessions we will be able to compare data between individuals.


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